Milk Value Calculation and Producer Financial Management

Milk Value Calculation and Producer Financial Management

What it is

The value of the raw material received by the industry for a certain period of time is one of the most important information it needs to have.


With the functionality Calculation of Milk Value and Producer Financial Management, both quantitative and qualitative data are taken into account so that the authorized user of the application can have an overall picture of the value of milk received by the industry as it is given the possibility of a complete picture of demand and of competition. At the same time, the financial position of the producer is fully monitored (advances, loans, installments, etc.).

The main benefits of this functionality are the smart calculation of milk value, the invoicing and management of advances but also the settlement of payment for full financial monitoring of the producer.

The possibilities it provides are:
• The smart and flexible calculation of the value of milk
• The detailed analysis of the monthly payment clearance of the producer

MCM.fc : Milk Value Calculation

Financial management

  • Calculation of milk value
  • Payment calculation
  • Producer liquidation
  • Producer payment

Database MCM.fc

The dairy industry has the ability to calculate the value of the raw material received in a given period of time, taking into account both quantitative and qualitative data.

The configuration of the milk value calculation is offered through the functionality of the “payment policies” subsystem, where the industry can define:

  • The terms of payment, ie whether it is permissible to determine value for a particular producer (eg a sufficient number of samples must be taken to allow an accurate determination of quality)
  • The quantity bonus or malus, ie the company’s policy in relation to the delivered quantity (either in total or on a daily basis)
  • The quality bonus or malus, ie the company’s policy in relation to the quality of the delivered quantity for the calculation period, which may relate to the price of either a specific analysis or a combination of analyzes (eg fat-based composition premium, protein and SNF).

The calculation – proposal of the value of milk, is done from a special screen which allows the authorized user to have a complete picture of the value of the milk received, both at the level of producer and in partial or final sets. It can then either accept the system’s final price proposal, based on the rules of payment policy, or enter one or more desired prices itself.


Finally, the MCM offers the possibility of converting an estimated value into the corresponding tax document based on current legislation. This document can be printed by the MCM but also automatically transferred to the main commercial application of the industry. : Financial management

The third management parameter of the raw material concerns the calculation of its value.

Payment Policies

The customization of payment policies allows the industry to determine which parameters will be taken into account when calculating the value of a quantity of milk. These parameters are quantitative (total quantity delivered), qualitative (required number of samples, bonus / malus depending on the results of quality control tests) and valuable (basic producer price / item / region, etc.).

Calculation of milk prices

The system, taking into account the quantity and quality data entered for each producer as well as the configuration of the industry payment policy, calculates the value of milk received for a specific period of time per producer and type of milk.

Payment Proposals

The result of the calculation process is a payment proposal in which all the parameters that formed it are recorded in detail and which can be transformed into the corresponding tax document – invoice, or even revised.

Update EL.GO.D.

With this functionality, the system automatically creates and sends, all the necessary situations to ELGOD, which the industry is obliged to do.

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