Management of Livestock Producers and Farm

Management of Livestock Producers and Farm

What it is

The Management of Livestock Producers and the Farm provides all their valuable financial, commercial and special information with the possibility of immediate display on the Producer Screen.


With the main benefit of the direct and clear picture of the economic and commercial relationship between processor and producer, the possibilities offered by this functionality are:

  • The monitoring of the necessary data and documents concerning the producers
  • The possibility of evaluating the farm
  • The information of the relevant services
  • The ability to manage cooperatives, joint ventures and partnerships

MCM.db : Producer Management

Producers - Partners

  • Unified Information
  • Livestock Monitoring
  • Quota Management

Data Base MCM.db

The basic entity of the system is the Producer. It contains all the information for the complete management of any legal or natural person that trades with the dairy industry by supplying it with milk.

These data are grouped into three groups:

  • General information of the producer as a natural and legal entity.
  • Management of the producer as a milk supplier and consequently as a trader with the processing unit with all its special commercial characteristics as a milk producer.
  • Data concerning the livestock exploitation of the producer as it is recorded in the competent state bodies.


Our goal is the simplified form of capturing the data and for this reason the Producer Screen consists of five (5) tabs:

  • General information
  • Management
  • Exploitation Data
  • Financial transactions
  • User details

Additional Functionalities

MCM.db also manages cooperatives, joint ventures and collaborations. In addition, there is the possibility of electronic monitoring of all forms included in the relationship between the producer and the processor, such as the AgroCert declaration, the milk acceptance contract, etc.

Supplier Evaluation

Finally, it is possible to evaluate milk suppliers through the parametric creation of a relevant questionnaire, which describes the questions and possible answers with their respective scoring. The questionnaires are then registered in the MCM and their results are presented in the relevant reports.

MCM.InOr: Farm Monitoring

The new MCM.InOr application for android mobile devices enables industry inspectors to have a complete and more effective farm inspection. At the same time, it functions as an ordering mechanism for animal feed, auxiliary materials, etc., which the industry supplies to the producer. In full cooperation with MCM it offers excellent results.

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