Total Milk Control Management

For the complete management and control of the raw material and the producer.

Milk and Producer Management Software

The need for a drastic reduction of the cost and time of management of milk but also of producers – suppliers, led to the creation of a complete solution through a software that has the ability to provide timely and valid information on quantity, quality and value. of imported milk.
MCM is an innovative and complete solution, addressed to the stakeholders with the processing of milk, having as object the complete management by quality, quantity and value of the milk supplied by the processor as raw material from the producers.
The MCM is an Integrated Information System consisting of a set of autonomous subsystems, each of which corresponds to a separate productive or administrative operation of a dairy industry.

Mobile Milk Collection Management Software (mobapp android)

The effort to stay at the forefront of technology led to the development of the new application MCM.Col, for mobile android devices. MCM.Col fully covers the import needs of every milk processor that receives milk from the producers’ farms. In full cooperation with MCM it offers excellent results.

Farm Inspection Software (mobapp android)

The MCM has a subsystem that covers farm inspection. The new MCM.InOr application for android mobile devices enables industry inspectors to have a complete and more effective farm inspection. At the same time, it functions as an ordering mechanism for animal feed, auxiliary materials, etc., which the industry supplies to the producer. In full cooperation with MCM it offers excellent results.


Productivity Increase

Improving Audit Capacity

Improving milk market management

Reduced Cost of Produced Product

Reduction of Management Time and Costs

Business Decision Making Support

Utilization of Best Practices

Valid and Timely Administrative Information

Software Functions

Management of Livestock Producers and Farm

Immediate and clear picture of the relationship and cooperation between processor and producer.

Milk Zone Receipts Management

Complete recording and control of the quantities received from each producer and collection point with at the same time a more rational distribution of routes to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Milk Quality Management

Quality assurance of raw materials and coverage of requirements of the competent state bodies.

Milk Value Calculation and Producer Financial Management

Smart calculation of milk value, invoicing, advance management and payment clearance for complete financial monitoring of the producer.

Traceability of raw material

Quality assurance and traceability during the production process and compliance with applicable legislation.

Results Reports

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Cheese Factories

Cooperatives – Milk Resellers

Public Organizations

Sectoral Distinctions

MCM in its many years in the dairy industry, has received many awards.

The most important award was in the VITE Awards competition in 2012 with the Gold Award, in the category

“Software Specializing in Food”

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