Traceability of raw material

Traceability of raw material

What it is

The functionality Traceability of raw material records the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of milk during its movements, ie from its receipt to the construction of the route of the final product, thus ensuring the Traceability of the product backwards (Backwards Traceability) .


In this way, quality assurance and traceability is achieved during the production process and compliance with current legislation.

MCM.t : Traceability of raw material


  • Sample collection
  • Types of analyzes
  • Participation of analyzes
  • Automatic or not input analysis
  • Quality control reports

The subsystem has, in addition to the classic arboreal presentation of traceability, alternatively, its graphical presentation. The subsystem also has the graphical presentation of the effect of a volume (product or by-product) in a horizontal dimension, in its use in other final products.

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