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Our partners are part of our success. Reputable companies trust MCM software in order to solve problems they encounter in the daily operation of their business but also to simplify procedures, save time and money.


The largest dairy industry in Northern Greece, MEVGAL, distributes its products both in the Greek market and abroad, thanks to the excellent raw material and high technology applied in production.
MEVGAL is one of the leading partners who have chosen MCM to monitor the process of approval of prices and producer advances. The process takes into account the quality, quantity, financial data of each producer, as well as the levels of the company’s hierarchy internally, from receipt to final approval.


DELTA was founded in 1952 in Athens and today owns 4 production units and cooperates with more than 1,100 farms, absorbing 25% of Greek milk production.
One of our most important collaborations, DELTA, utilizes the Mobile functionality of MCM to more easily manage the producers and to monitor the smooth operation of their farm.

More specifically, it monitors:

  • The number and breeds that make up the livestock
  • The nutrition and hygiene elements that govern its operation
  • The technological equipment and the quality situation
    as well as other important metrics for the company.


The company “Belas – Tyrokomika Vermiou”, has been active in the market since 1927 and produces some of the most popular Greek cheeses, which are all of protected designation of origin (PDO).
Through MCM he managed to successfully automate the process of introducing laboratory analyzes of producers. Thus it manages to increase productivity by saving time from data entry, to eliminate the possibility of error when entering them in the system but also to improve its internal processes.

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