Milk Zone Receipts Management

Milk Zone Receipts Management

What it is

The Milk Zone Receipts Management offers the monitoring of all the milk collection procedures by the producers, the accurate recording of the received quantities and quality receipt data with simultaneous creation of an electronic document and their transfer to the processing unit.


The biggest benefit of this functionality is the complete recording and control of the quantities received from each producer or collection point with at the same time a more rational distribution of itineraries to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Milk Collection Scheduling

A very basic feature provided by the Milk Zone Receipt Management is the scheduling of milk collection through the clever design and easy creation and configuration of collection itineraries according to the needs that arise during the dairy year.

MCM.c : Milk Receipt Management


  • Collection Points – Ice Basins – Producers
  • Itineraries – Tanks – Apartments
  • Delivery to Meeting Points or Laboratory

Database MCM.c

The subsystem covers management from milk collection planning, milk collection processes by producers to its transfer and delivery to industry.

Design MCM.c

There has been a “smart” design of itineraries of the tanks with the aim of detailed recording of the quantities and quality data of the milk supplied by the company from the producers, up to the delivery to the assembly stations or to the factory.

MCM.c allows the planning of the routes carried out by the industrial tanks in order to collect the milk, from the gathering places (collection points), in a special graphic environment and in a simple way.

The system, taking into account the geographical location of producers and collection points allows the user to plan itineraries in a way that minimizes collection costs. It also monitors the management of ice basins (Manufacturers, Transportation, Maintenance) and industry tanks (Routes, Guides, Maintenance). Finally, from here the Inspectors are monitored as well as the Portable collection devices.

Recording Receipt Details

The recording of the receipt data can be done in detail at all levels of milk collection, allowing the identification of quantitative differences between these levels, such as e.g. the possibility of comparing the balance of the tank of a route with the sum of the kilos of the consignment notes of the producers, who delivered in the specific route.

MCM.col : Milk Receipt Management using PDA or mobile android

MCM offers the ability to perform the “import” of imported milk into the system, either using laptops (PDAs) or using Android laptops. This facilitates the process of transferring the receipt data.

Technical description

The application for PDAs has been operating successfully for more than ten years and offers full functionality for receiving and transporting the imported milk.
The new software, for mobile devices (smartphones) with Android operating system, includes all the functionality of the Milk collection software that worked on PDAs and in addition new functionalities have been added utilizing the new possibilities offered by technology today.

The application includes the following functionalities

Application features

Aimed results / Benefits:

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