Farm Monitoring

Farm Monitoring

What it is

The MCM offers the possibility of full monitoring of the producer’s farm. For this purpose there is the FARMS subsystem which manages the relevant information and in which the inspectors are invited to enter the data of their visits and then to process them and to draw useful conclusions.

MCM.InOr :Inspection and Sorting on a farm using android mobile devices

The goal of MCM.InOr, is the Inspection and Sorting on a farm using android mobile devices.

More specifically, with the use of MCM.InOR, the inspectors of the industry, during their visits to the facilities of the milk producers-suppliers they supervise, will have the possibility:

  1. To record the results of their inspection (livestock, nutrition, hygiene, technology, etc.) through the electronic completion of a specific questionnaire.
  2. To receive orders for various products that are traded by the industry and which are directly related to the livestock exploitation of the producer, such as animal feed, breastfeeding etc.

The above data is automatically transferred to the MCM.NET application, PHARMA subsystem and then the orders are forwarded to the ERP for control and processing, and the inspections are available for viewing by MCM.NET users.

The mobile application, MCM.InOR, is offline, and exchanges data with MCM.NET through a synchronization process at a time to be determined by the inspector and when there is an Internet connection.

The application includes the following functionalities:

  • Routing of Inspectors based on Geographical Distribution / Traffic
  • Presentation of Main Producers Data (Quantity / Quality / Value / Financial)
  • Recording of Livestock Unit Data (Producers / Staff / Equipment etc.)
  • Recording of Current Status of Livestock Unit (Nutrition / Hygiene etc.)
  • Recording Proposed Actions and Controlling their Implementation
  • Recording of non-cooperating units
  • Evaluation based on Parametric Questionnaire
  • Ordering Feed / Support Material
  • Integration with MCM.NET / ERP (for ordering)
  • Reporting

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